Learning Playlist

Information is freely available everywhere. The problem we face learning something new in the 21st century isn’t that we can’t find the relevant information online, but the overwhelming amount of information available makes it difficult for us to decide what’s relevant and what’s not.

On top of that, information come in a variety of formats, ranging from text, to videos, and audio recordings. Each format has its pros and cons, which means some information are better conveyed in one format than another.

For example, recently, I was trying to pick up machine learning (because it’s so hot right now), and my list of learning materials ranged from blog posts to video tutorials to certain chapters in university textbooks.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there’s a platform for people to upload their “learning playlists”? When you are learning something, keep note of the list of blog posts and YouTube videos you’ve gone through, in sequence. The playlists are tagged by the topics so someone else interested in learning about a given topic can just run through the playlist.

The platform should also implement a rating system so that learners can give rating as to how effective they think a given playlist is pertaining to a specific topic.

A comment system would also be very interesting because it would allow people to ask questions either to the creator of the playlist or to their peers who are also learning through the playlist (listmates).

It would also be interesting to build this whole learning playlist idea on top of Git so people can suggest modules to be placed into an existing playlist or to use an existing playlist as the starting point to start another playlist.

This will be the next wave of online learning: social learning.